Information on the course enrolment!

Pero Art Centar divides its courses onto 4 types of programs: Iconography, Visual Arts, Applied Arts and Children’s courses. In here, you can get the information you need on time to time discounts on certain courses, promotions, first free classes for children ...

Week class schedule

The weekly class schedule can be changed depending on the number of course participants. Changes are infrequent and they are made exclusively with accordance from all participants of the Pero Art Centar.


Upišite kurs Ikonopisa i Dizajna i izrade nakita po promotivnoj ceni!

Uz pomoć naše profesorke MA Dunje Milićević naučite ključne elemente slikanja ikona: upoznajte se sa vrstama preparatura, ikonografskim kanonima, simbolikom na ikonama, vrstama pozlate, kao i sa različitim vrstama lakova i načinom zaštite daske.

image_2Upišite kurs Dizajna i izrade nakita po promotivnoj ceni od 50e, umesto 60e! Kurs Dizajna i izrade nakita drži profesorka MA Milena Jovanović.