About us

Pero Art Centar, Center for Art Research and Education.

After 26years of experience, Pero Gallery has established Pero Art Centar, a center for artistic work and education. The aim was to promote true cultural values in the field of visual arts, contemporary professional education, to spread the culture through various art programs, as well as creative workshops, specialized seminars, hobbies, lectures, art colonies, exhibitions and festivals.

Pero Art Center programs are designed to integrate different generations and social classes. What distinguishes the concept of Pero Art Center in addition to highly qualified teachers, masters and doctors of arts, are well designed programs that guarantee a modern and efficient education.


Creative workshops for kids has for its goal to maximally use children’s creative potential and to awaken artistic and aesthetic values and capabilities in them, in harmony with their age and development.

Courses for adults give you higher level of education for students with no previous knowledge and experience. The workshops are dynamic and designed to open the way to new opportunities for relaxation and creative expression.

Preparations for the arts faculty workshops designed the program required for admission to all faculties on which lays drawing and painting.

Why choose us

  • We want to develop your talent. Constant intrinsic motivation, great desire for accomplishing the success, learning and improvement of your knowledge is the things that make our goal.
  • Knowledge and experience are the keys to success. Highly qualified professors, MAs and PHDs from Art Academies, as well as quality designed programs, guarantee modern and efficient education.
  • Creativity does not accept boundaries. Creativity doesn’t know age limit, it is never late to be creative! Limitations exist only in our minds. If you use your imagination, you will open the world of never ending possibilities.