Applied arts

“Painting is a man’s attempt to solve life. There are that many solutions as there are people.”

The term applied arts is used to describe all the arts that includes shaping the objects of practical use. It’s a name used for artistic crafts or Arts Décoratifs. In the past, when there were no factories but only craftsman’s stores, different objects were produced manually by master craftsmen, and they were trying to make that object in most interesting shapes or to embellish and decorate them. Applied arts make the use of everyday items more pleasant and develop a feeling for aesthetics in us. From the emergence of the term in 19th century applied arts are a part of the system of visual arts. We can distinguish applied arts on several types: textile, interior design, costume design, applied painting, applied sculpting, applied graphics...

Work program...

Work program is divided onto four sections:

  1. Silk painting
  2. Fashion and costume design
  3. Design and jewelry making

The accent is on the aesthetic expression of an individual – each participant is approached individually so he can develop, in terms of personal affinities, creative side of his personality.

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