Courses for children

"Be brave enough to live your life in a creative way."

Early childhood is an extremely important part of our lives for the development of individual, in which kids are developing their motorical and intellectual skills. In this age children are introducing the world around them, learn basic concepts, and develop their talents... Children have enormous cognitive potentials, they are very curious and their imagination is very developed.

The best and the easiest way is to learn through play, which is also the easiest way to stimulate kids to learn to think outside the box, to express their creativity and imagination and to free themselves in communication with the world around them. For all this, it is of great importance to encourage them to think divergently, not to mold their thinking process – which is the most common case when the kids go to school and when they are turning to scientific knowledge. From the environment and the initiative that comes from it depends in which range and in which direction will children’s creativity be developed. If we do not give to the child the freedom and if we do not provide the conditions for them to be different and to look on a world on their own way – the child will get insecure to express his uniqueness. Because of that, it is the children’s environment that bares the important task of encouraging them to do this – to play games with them, to let them experiment and ask questions, to stand up for their opinion; to activate them in fields that interests them – sports, music, arts...

Programs for kids are divided, depending on their age, into two groups, with programs adjusted to the children’s age – The Creative Workshop for Kids (from 4 to 8 years old) and Painting for children and teens (from 9 to 18 years old).


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