Creative workshop for children

Course professors: Jovana Žarić, Jovana Mićić

Creative workshop for kids has for its goal to maximally use children’s creative potential and to awaken artistic and aesthetic values and capabilities in them, in harmony with their age and development.

Artistic areas included in program:
-Drawing (pastel, colored pencils, sepia, charcoal, etc)
-Painting (acrylic paint, tempera, gouache, mosaics, collage)
-Elements of graphics (imprint, frottage, linocut)
-Sculpting (dough, plasticine, bioline, clay, etc)
-Elements of applied arts, modeling in different materials (paper, wool, textile, silk, sponge, wire)
-Multimedia (photography, film, animation)
-Fundamentals of aesthetic judgment

Contents in artistic areas:
-are structured to respect the laws of development of artistic capabilities for the sake of creativity
-allow continuous child’s development
-gives children capability to express themselves and cope with problems in other areas that are not closely bonded with arts and they learn to approach every problem with free and creative attitude

Themes that encourages kid’s artistic development:
The choice of themes must be related to intimate experience of the child and to allow them to express and communicate with their surroundings.

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