Course professors: MA Milena Jovanović

The program of this course, along with the technical education, involves also designer education in the meaning of development a personal design, beginning with the basic sketches, through mastering the delicate production technique, to the finished product - a special pieces or lines of jewelry.

Jewelry making by using the macramé technique, technique of tying decorative knots, gives diverse possibilities in designing. In the making of jewelry, one can use recycled materials, tulle, wire, metal rings, chains, and leather and synthetic strips and ribbons. With the assistance of the professor you will also learn how to correctly end the bracelets with the diverse tools and components.

Workshops of jewelry making with polymer clay include making of prints and elements that are used when designing and making jewelry. Prints are then, with the professional guidance of the professor, put together and combined in a piece of jewelry – earrings, pendants and rings. Through the course participants can learn how to properly use tools, extruder, molds, cutters, thinning machine and other assistive tools for shaping the clay.
Participants that finish the course gain ability to design and make jewelry on their own, by combining different types of material, and in that way to promote their own style in a extravagant, exclusive and applicable way in a modern world.

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