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Course professors:  MA Jovana Živčić Radovanović

Program of Painting implies painting with acrylic colors on prepared cardboard by the template (or photograph), still life or live model, and the choice of motives are done in an agreement with the professors. During the course participants will be gradually introduced with the fundamental artistic expressive means, such as line, perspective, light, shadow, color and composition. Approach to every participant is individual and unrelated to the current level of participant, we aspire in each individual case to the quality and studious work on a basis and on the developing of personal artistic expression.

This course includes lectures, introducing to historical context in painting, and also with different technologies of painting. The participants will have a possibility to use expertise literature, art monographs, catalogues and similar publications. With the professional guidance of the experienced professors, the participants will develop their talents to the maximum level and accomplish the best results.

Drawing and painting are artistic expression of the ideas and conceptions, where the painter is lead by his intuition and his capabilities for solving compositional problems with the goal of accomplishing aesthetic experience of the imagined idea. For the artist, it can be told that he expresses his feelings about life, which grows from his experiences through the encounters with people, places, events, objects and ideas. These experiences are intersected with associations and feelings, which artist morphs and processes inside him, with the knowledge of artistic values.
The base for the painting or drawing can be the wall (in prehistoric times that were sides of the caves), paper, canvas, wooden board (icons of Byzantium painting) glass (stained glass windows in cathedrals), or any one of the modern and contemporary bases. In contemporary painting the base are treated like a part of the composition of the picture, respectively, the base is chosen by the qualitative characteristics of the material, its possibilities and limitations.

The realization of painter’s idea, whether given in the shape of acrylic or oil pigment or in the shape of drawing done by pen or pencil on paper, is just one way of creative act. The character of each pictorial idea is determined by artist’s mental and emotional relationship to the object of his painting, as well as the choice of means and the way that they are used. Pictorial idea is born in the sense that each and every one of us sees what we want to see. Because every artistic mean has its own way of existence on pictorial surface, also every individual has its own way they combine optical signs in surfaces and representations, in the way he wants to see them.

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