Painting for children

Teachers: Ma Jovana Žarić, MA Jovana Živčić Radovanović

Program of Painting for children and teens is created for the ages form 9 to 18, and implies painting with acrylic colors on prepared cardboard. The painting is done by the template (or photograph), and the choice of motives are done in an agreement with the professors. This method of work allows participants better understanding of basic principles of painting and it makes transfer of the drawing much easier. The goal of program is to introduce the children with the techniques of painting with acrylic and also to develop their aesthetic education. During the course participants will be gradually introduced with the fundamental artistic expressive means, such as line, perspective, light, shadow, color and composition.

Theoretically, participants will study the technical preparation of cardboard for painting, as well as using different mediums and other technical aids in painting. The students will paint on each class by the program. This course includes lectures, individual approach, introducing to historical context in painting and with diverse technologies in painting. Participants will have possibility to use professional literature, art monographs, catalogues and similar.

Individual and group tasks will be given to students during the course, so they can improve their theoretical and technical understanding of the problems in painting. Students will be encouraged to comment and criticize their work and work of other participants. Developing of personal style is highly encouraged by the professors.

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