Visual arts

“Painting is the silence of the mind, music of the eye.”

“Since early childhood we have been teached that art is something special. We stand contritely in galleries and museums and we think: “I could never do something like this.” And painting and drawing are those amateur passions that everyone can learn and that everyone can afford to himself. You do not need expensive equipment. Painting can be in the format of postcard or it can take entire wall of the room: you can draw in a cafe, anywhere on the street or in a living room. Of course, first of all is that one should overcome certain techniques. Just by the way that someone is using different techniques and how much imagination is he investing in his work, you can distinguish better and worse artists. The joy that we feel about aesthetics and beauty comes from the depths of our soul... art doesn’t know good and bad. The one who once conquers diverse techniques, will experience a new dimension that allows him to communicate himself to the others.” The Introduction of Brian Bagnall, author of Creative Drawing and Painting, 1987.

Program of the work...

Work program with the participants are divided in two basic categories, the courses Painting and Drawing and Preparatory classes for enrolling on Academies of Arts. Learning programs are very specific and they demand a certain skills and introducing to certain concepts. Knowing visual language and art techniques is needed, but also as the consciousness about their practical use. Painting idea is born in the sense that human sees something that he wants to see. Because every artistic mean has its own way of existence on pictorial surface, also every individual has its own way they combine optical signs in surfaces and representations, in the way he wants to see them.

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